Mirror is changing the way you workout. Wall Street Journal described it as "A total body workout machine that put's your treadmill to shame." TIME called it "One of the best inventions of 2018."

So what is Mirror?

It's a mirror when it's turned off, but it's an interactive display when it's turned on. Mirror allows you to connect with instructors and classmates during your desired workouts.

Users can choose from cardio, strength, barre, Pilates, boxing, HIIT, and more. There are 50+ new classes every week and you can follow your goals as you complete each one.

Each class is taught by top instructors and the company will soon offer 1 on 1 sessions upon request. During class, the instructors provide real-time instruction and personal shout-outs to keep you motivated.

The Mirror retails for $1,495 and comes with a free Starter Pack which has fitness bands and a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. You also get a cleaner cloth and a camera cap for privacy. You'll also get a wall mount and stand to help you with installation. Finally, you get an additional five additional memberships for free so other members of your family can use the Mirror.

Upon request, you can also have Mirror install your device for you. The product comes with a 1 year warranty and a 30-day guarantee if it's not your thing.

If the $1,495 price tag is too much for you at once, the company also offers an installment plan which allows you to pay as low as $164 a month.

The tv-mirror (as they're called) technology isn't very well-known so for those that don't know, this is actually a very unique application of the tech. Most tv-mirrors are seen in large hotels or wealthy homes.

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This type of technology mixed with live classes from home makes this a really exciting product. Although we've seen live-classes before with companies like Peloton, I've always thought the bike placement within your home could be tough in small apartments or homes. Mirror solves that problem.

With that being said, I think right now the price point is too high. Even with the installment plan you're nearly making a car payment for the ability to work out. I'd really like to see them get closer to $1,000. Considering it's not a huge machine like the Peloton, their shipping and storage costs should allow them to price the product a bit lower. However, if you compare the product to Peloton's bike at $1,995, it's fair.

What do you think of Mirror? Do you want one in your home?