Richard Bronson spent 2 years in prison. But before that, he was a partner at the infamous Wolf of Wall Street Firm, Stratton Oakmont. A couple of months before he got out of prison, he started panicking about finding a job. I don't blame him, it's probably pretty difficult to find a job with a record.

So Bronson devised a solution. The outcome was 70 Million Jobs.

70 Million Jobs is a job board that helps those with prior felony convictions connect with employers.

How Does It Work?

The people at 70 Million Jobs help you create a resume, find nearby job opportunities, and apply all within the website. They let you do this all for free.

Candidates can also sign up for text, email, and 1-on-1 call alerts to get notified when jobs match their criteria.

Say what you will about second chances, but those that are willing to contribute to society and trying to make a living should be given the opportunity.

It's great that 70 Million Jobs is able to offer a solution to a problem that stops people from turning their life around. I was also surprised to see the list of companies that offered jobs to those with records.

Denny’s, Uber, ADP, and Skechers were among those companies listed.

What do you think of 70 Million Jobs? Should criminals be offered second chances?