We've heard of Fitbits and Apple Watches; those devices you wear around your wrist and track your fitness goals.

But have you ever heard of a smart ring?

MOTIV has created the first one. The lightweight titanium ring can be worn around your finger and has a sleek design with various features.


Fitness Tracking

The first one being the health benefits the MOTIV ring tracks. Whether you're running errands or exercising, the ring tracks your heart rate, your steps, and your sleeping patterns.

When you get home, the MOTIV ring syncs to the company's app so you can view all of your data automatically. The ring has three days' worth of onboard memory.

Online Security

Another cool feature is the ring's online security functionality. While wearing the ring, you can set up 2-Step verification with a simple gesture.

Did you try to click the Play button? (lol) https://mymotiv.com/online-security/

The ring also offers an optional additional level of security with fingerprint and facial identification. The ring pairs with your phone to read your fingerprint and the camera on your phone to identify your face.

Also mentioned on their website is Google and Amazon's push to create a passwordless future available to consumers. It's called WebAuthn and once it becomes available you'll be able to login to your favorite accounts with the MOTIV ring.

The ring is also waterproof up to 165 feet and has a 3-day battery life. When you do run out of battery, it takes 90-minutes to charge back up.

Your new MOTIV ring will cost you $199.99 and comes with a 1-year warranty and 45-day guarantee.

What do you think about MOTIV? Would you rather wear a ring than a wristband like Fitbit?