Magic is a new way to quickly offload your tasks to a team of personal assistants.

How does it work?

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Magic lets you text what you want completed to a designated phone number. It just has to be possible and legal.

Here are some common examples of requests people ask for when using Magic:

  • "Get me a mobile dentist to my office ASAP."
  • "I need to rent out the Exploratorium this weekend."
  • "I need to rent a car for Yosemite."
  • "Organize my team for a town hall tomorrow."
  • "I need a Snapchat filter created for my sister's wedding."
  • "My 1 pm ran over. Bump my meetings back 1 hour."
  • "I am low on shampoo and conditioner. Can you order it for me? No rush."
  • "I’m out of the office today. Check my email and let me know if there’s anything urgent."

After your request has been made, it's routed to Magic's team of personal assistants who will work on accomplishing the task within an hour.

Why does it matter?

If you're a busy person, you'll immediately appreciate Magic. Most of us wish we had a personal assistant able to handle the mundane tasks in our life.

Magic charges 59 cents a minute. If the average task is completed in 45 minutes you'll end up paying $26.55 plus applicable fees (if any). An hour will turn out to be $35.4 per task.

Whether this is worth it or not depends on how much you work and your opportunity costs. I see this app being mostly useful for working parents who are at a medium-to-high income level rather than entry-level workers

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