Airplanes anyone can fly

Airplanes anyone can fly

Imagine yourself being able to fly a plane as easy as driving a car.

Airhart Aeronautics, founded by two Cornell graduates and backed by Y Combinator, are making that vision into a reality.

What is it?

The startup aims to enable 10x more people to fly their own planes with the company's semi-autonomous technology.

In their launch, Airhart cites the fact that 70 to 80% of aspiring pilots drop out of pilot training due to the time, cost, and complexity of learning to fly.

The founders are looking to solve that problem by offering aircrafts built with "intuitive fly-by-wire controls" and "safety features that constantly monitor the most commons causes of accidents and stop issues before they start."

Their website claims it will be 100 times easier to learn to fly their aircraft. Specifically, the objective is for the average individual to learn how to fly the plane in 1 hour.

The Airhart A1 will have an elegant design and offer a stick-and-throttle navigation which will allow pilots to set a power lever to their desired airspeed and simply push the throttle in the direction they want to fly.

Currently, the company is accepting $1,000, full refundable reservation deposits for their aircraft although there is no set release date for the first model.

Final Thoughts

I'd love to see people fly an aircraft the same way others ride a motorcycle or a speed boat.

The startup's launch style and product design intentions seem to mimic that of Tesla's.

What are your thoughts on Airhart?



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Written by

Derek Koza

Derek Koza

Chicago, IL
Ex-CIA | MBA Candidate @ NYU Stern | Coffee addict with a dog named Maxx