Rever makes online shopping returns easier and faster

Rever makes online shopping returns easier and faster

We’ve all been there. We order something online and we wait.

Time ticks and we continuously check the tracking number waiting for delivery.

Eventually, we get a doorbell ring or a notification informing us our item has been delivered.

We rip open the box, remove the packaging, only to see…

Disappointment. It’s not quite what we wanted. Maybe it’s too small, too big, or just looks completely different in-person.

Regardless of the problem, we want to do a return, but the process is arduous and time-consuming.

Enter, Rever. Promising easy returns and faster refunds, the company, funded in Y Combinator’s Summer 2022 batch, aims to streamline the return process for the eCommerce industry.

How does it work?

Rever implements their software into eCommerce stores which allows users to return their items in just a couple of clicks.

After selecting the item(s) you want to return, you get an option for refund or store credit.

Once you select your refund option, Rever provides the option to get your funds immediately.

Finally, you’ll select the carrier to pick up your item without worrying about a shipping label.

Companies can implement Rever into their current eCommerce site so that their visitors can take advantage of the fast return solution.

Rever’s founders want their solution to dominate the eCommerce post-sale space and become the world’s first global platform for online returns.

What do you think of Rever?



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Written by

Derek Koza

Derek Koza

Chicago, IL
Ex-CIA | MBA Candidate @ NYU Stern | Coffee addict with a dog named Maxx