"If you can take a picture of it, we can cover it." is the motto for Cover, the facilitating-insurance company letting you insure just about anything.


Here's How It Works

  1. You download the free app on the App Store
  2. Take a photo or video of what you're trying to insure.
  3. After the experts at Cover have reviewing your photo or video, they search the market for the best insurance rates possible.

If you agree to the policy they present you, you'll be able to access it within the app along with any other policies you've accepted. The app is also how you'll talk to representatives at Cover.

Cover lets you insure anything from your or car to pets and phones. Even after accepting a policy, Cover constantly analyzes the market for lower rates on your behalf.

The company also allows businesses to sign up and use their smart technology. Cover provides insurance for things like commercial property, general liability, and cyber coverage.

In the case of a claim, Cover helps you file a claim with the company holding your insurance. So although you wouldn't be working directly with Cover to file a claim, they make it pretty straightforward to contact whoever you need to.

Another interesting feature within the Cover app is the Magicam as they call it. You can turn the camera on and start recording around your room. The Magicam will auto-detect your personal belongings and store it in your file to prove those belongings were in working condition. This makes filing a claim that much easier.

I love the idea of Cover from a consumer and business perspective. Consumers need easier ways to find and manage insurance. Their app seems simple and easy-to-use. From a business perspective, there's hardly any risk as Cover isn't the actual insurance company. As mentioned earlier, it's simply the facilitator for the user.

If you're considering trying Cover, or have tried them in the past, comment your experience below!