If you’re a frequent diner-out like me (small flex), you probably experience the same issues:

  • Reserving (or waiting for) tables
  • Waiting for the food
  • Waiting for the check and then waiting for them to return with your card

A whole lot of waiting. These days, it doesn’t ruin the experience, but it can.

Allset allows you to reserve a table, choose your meal, and pay for the meal before you even arrive at the restaurant.

Not everyone is interested in a speedy restaurant experience, but we definitely don’t like waiting. Allset allows you to have a great experience while avoiding all of the waiting.

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There are over 1,700 restaurants using Allset. Restaurants are in most major cities in the U.S. including Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and San Francisco are using Allset.

Allset also offers something called Allset for Business which allows companies to pre-pay for employees and ensure a dining experience of 30 minutes or less. Dining out helps employees stay more productive when they return to work and the clear costs make it simple for managers to expense later. Owners and managers can also set a budget if they choose to let a group of employees go out. However, if an employee chooses to go beyond their individual budget, they can pay out of pocket so they're not totally helpless if they want to splurge a little.

So check out the app and think about using Allset next time you’re going out to dinner!