After recent reports that Facebook is going to turn its platform into a “privacy-focused” social network, some are left optimistic for how the company handles user data. However, it’s possible this is like the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Facebook has had issues with privacy in the past, even after claims they’d be more focused on protecting users’ data. Unfortunately, social networks are taking users for granted, and it shows.

Fambam is looking to solve that problem. The company, currently accepting sign-ups for their beta list, allows you to create a private social network just for your family.

“We saw a lot of negativity on large social networks when it comes to the abuse and misuse of user data and privacy.” Jeremy Ross, one of the founders of fambam told me in an interview. “Social is going private and people don’t want to share everything with everyone. The combination of both privacy and security control along with the feeling of being truly connected to the people you care about most are the driving forces behind fambam.”

However, fambam doesn’t only provide a secure place for your family to share photos. “Your content is organized and easy to access. In a group chat, you’re not going to find that picture from summer vacation back in 2016. We wanted to solve that. So vacations, parties and important milestones are easy to find.” Using the platform also mean no ads popping up in your news feed.

Personally, I see private social networks becoming a common way to share with your friends. Back in 2016, Snapchat introduced a way to create groups with your favorite friends on the app. You can then send snaps to different groups rather than check-off each one of your friends individually.

Regardless of how you share with friends, it’s important that what you’re sharing is yours. Fambam offers a refreshing solution for those fed up with social networks taking advantage of their data. You can sign up for their beta list here.