If you're a coffee addict like me, you'll love this startup.

Bottomless is making it easier to keep your favorite coffee beans stocked at all times.

The company has created a smart scale that connects to your Wi-Fi and re-orders your coffee beans every time your bag gets a little low.

How does it work?

After syncing the scale to your Wi-Fi network, you place your bag of coffee beans on the Bottomless scale and your beans are sent to your door before you run out.

The cool thing about Bottomless is they make it easy to try new coffees as well. Their website has a selection of coffee beans to choose from which you can change at any time.

When Bottomless has identified that you're ready for a new bag, they'll send you a notification 12-24 hours before the order is placed. This allows you to make any changes or delay the order if you've been slacking on your coffee consumption.

If you like to keep your coffee beans in a jar you can do that too. The scale can be zeroed out before you add the beans in. The scale will analyze your consumption and then send you a new bag when it reads your running low.


What's cool about Bottomless is that they're able to keep prices low because the beans are sent to you directly from the roasters.

Shipping costs are $2.99 a month no matter how many bags you buy. Costs for the bags start at $11.29.

If you sign up for their beta, you can get 90 days of free membership. I also like that the scale is small and sleek. It looks only a bit bigger than a coaster and black in color.

Whether you're a true coffee addict or not, Bottomless is a really nice solution that offers convenience to those that consume the most popular drug in America.

What do you think about Bottomless?